Heavens Salon

 Luxury you deserve

Classic Pedicure  -  30 Min / £40          

Done once a week, a manicure will stimulate nail growth and soften dry, dull skin. Includes hot soak, emphasis on cuticles, completed with massage and polish of your choice.

A pedicure is a perfect way to revive and condition your feet. Hot soak, nail clipping, sloughing, intense massage and polish of your choice are included.

Hands Treatment

​​Luxury Spa Manicure  -  30 Min / £35          

​​​​Classic Manicure  -  30 Min / £20          

Shellac Pedicure  -  30 Min / £35          

A Classic Manicure followed by an exfoliating treatment to the elbows, a hot paraffin dip ending with intense massage with aromatic oils, and polish of your choice.

Peppermint Pedicure  -  30 Min / £45          

Shellac Manicure  -  30 Min / £30          

Spa Pedicure  -  30 Min / £50         

A beautician gives nails a shape, before a slick of Shellac polish in a choice of colour and glitter is applied. The Shellac polish is designed to last up to two to three weeks without chipping, smudging or cracking, while maintaining a high gloss finish.

Classic Manicure with a luxurious addition! This treatment incorporates warm basalt stones into the massage, relaxing your often neglected hands. Completed with a polish of your choice, your hands will thank you!

Feet Treatment

​Weary soles can be lifted with an intensive pedicure and foot treatment. Tough, dried skin will be removed before feet are exfoliated and cuticles are tended to. A prescriptive base coat will then be applied to nails before Shellac completes the look, leaving a bright and glossy finish.

This luxurious treatment begins with a hot soak in salts, followed by an aroma salt glow polish from toes to knee. A dip in warm paraffin, intense massage, and hydrating mask follow, concluding with a polish of your choice. 

Put the spring back in your step! This wonderfully aromatic and energizing treatment starts with a warm foot soak in peppermint essential oil. Next, your feet are scrubbed with peppermint granules, leaving skin tingly and soft. A massage with peppermint and lotion will complete this stimulating experience with a polish of your choice

​​Hot Stone Manicure  -  30 Min / £30          

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